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The Subsystem Manager is responsible for the management of a gCube software subsystem. The main tasks are:

  • runs local/remote builds of subsystem
  • monitors defects and activities at subsystem-level
  • creates components in the context of assigned subsystem
  • creates subsystem configurations in ETICS
  • releases new Subsystem Configurations (see Delivering Subsystem section)
  • grants rights in the scope of the assigned subsystem (e.g. to Developers)
  • notifies Release Manager about Subsystem Configurations releases

Role Assignment

The table provides the list of the Etics and RedMine's assignment as Subsystem Manager. All subsystems_name, in the table, are preceded by the prefix org.gcube.

Subsystem Subsystem Manager (Deputy) Partner
org.gcube.accounting Luca Frosini (Eric Perrone ) CNR
org.gcube.annotation-management discontinued -
org.gcube.application Fabio Sinibaldi (Gianpaolo Coro) CNR
org.gcube.application-support-layer Panagiota Koltsida UOA discontinued - Gabriele Giammatteo (Paolo Fabriani) ENG
org.gcube.common Gabriele Giammatteo (Paolo Fabriani) ENG
org.gcube.content-management Lucio Lelii (Roberto Cirillo) CNR
org.gcube.course-management discontinued - Lucio Lelii CNR Gianpaolo Coro (Luca Frosini ) CNR Francesco Mangiacrapa CNR Fabio Sinibaldi (Gianpaolo Coro) CNR Fabio Sinibaldi (Francesco Mangiacrapa) CNR discontinued - Francesco Mangiacrapa (Roberto Cirillo) CNR John Gerbesiotis UOA
org.gcube.dir discontinued -
org.gcube.distribution Luca Frosini (Lucio Lelii) CNR
org.gcube.execution Panagiota Koltsida UOA
org.gcube.ext Gabriele Giammatteo (Paolo Fabriani) ENG
org.gcube.gcore Roberto Cirillo (Lucio Lelii) CNR
org.gcube.geoanalytics Dimitris Katris (Panagiota Koltsida ) UOA
org.gcube.index-management Panagiota Koltsida UOA
org.gcube.information-system Lucio Lelii (Roberto Cirillo) CNR
org.gcube.investment-analysis Dimitris Katris UOA
org.gcube.messaging Lucio Lelii (Roberto Cirillo) CNR
org.gcube.metadata-management discontinued -
org.gcube.monitoring discontinued -
org.gcube.ontology-management discontinued -
org.gcube.personalisation dicontinued -
org.gcube.portal Massimiliano Assante (Francesco Mangiacrapa) CNR
org.gcube.portlets-admin Massimiliano Assante (Francesco Mangiacrapa) CNR
org.gcube.portlets-user Francesco Mangiacrapa CNR
org.gcube.portlets-widgets Massimiliano Assante (Francesco Mangiacrapa) CNR
org.gcube.process-optimisation discontinued -
org.gcube.resource-management Roberto Cirillo (Lucio Lelii) CNR Panagiota Koltsida UOA
org.gcube.semantic-search Yannis Marketakis FORTH Massimiliano Assante CNR
org.gcube.spatial-data Fabio Sinibaldi (Gianpaolo Coro) CNR Lucio Lelii (Roberto Cirillo) CNR
org.gcube.vo-management Ciro Formisano (Paolo Fabriani) ENG
org.gcube.vre-management Roberto Cirillo (Lucio Lelii) CNR

In addition, the following table provides the list of the RedMine's assignment for the list of the

  • responsible of the documentation ,
  • infrastructure or
  • other integration activities :

Subsystem Subsystem Manager (Deputy) Partner
documentation Maria Di Girolamo (Gabriele Giammatteo) ENG
infrastructure Roberto Cirillo CNR
other Roberto Cirillo CNR

Role Procedures