Portal Administration Functionality

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The portal administrators are in charge of [[D4Science Portal Installation|installing] and managing the D4Science portal that provides the GUI through which users can access the services provided by gCube. The portal is a service that plays a fundamental role in realising the Virtual Organisations and the Virtual Research Environments a gCube based infrastructure support. In order to play this role, it has been equipped with a set of administrative functionalities through which authorised users (users having the role of VRE-Manager or VO-Admin) can perform a list of administrative tasks, like creating and modifying the layout of a VO/VRE, managing the users and their roles, managing generic resources, importing collections, managing indices and resources. The administrators of the portal can access those functionalities through the set of portlets that are listed bellow:

Finally, the administrators of the portal can watch the various resources (hardware, services, collections and auxiliary resources) that are managed by the D4Science infrastructure through the Monitoring Portal which is a set of tools which provide quick visualization of them and their relationships.