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gCube Spatial Data Processing offers a rich array of data analytics methods via OGC Web Processing Service (WPS).


Geospatial Data Processing takes advantage of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) as web interface. It is implemented by relying on the gCube platform for data analytics.

Overall Architecture

Key Features

gCube Spatial Data Processing distinguishing features include:

WPS-based access to an open and extensible set of processes
all the processes hosted by the system are exposed via RESTful protocol enacting clients to be informed on the list of available processes (GetCapabilities), to get the specification of every process (DescribeProcess) and to execute a selected process (Execute);
relying on a Hybrid and Distributed Computing Infrastructure;
every process can be designed to be executed on diverse and many 'computing nodes' (e.g. R engines, Java);
easy integration of user-defined processes;
the system enact users to easily add their own algorithms to the set of those offered by the system, e.g. by Statistical Algorithms Importer;
rich array of ready to use processes;
the system is equipped with a large set of ready to use algorithms;
open science support
the system automatically provide for process repeatability and provenance by recording on the Workspace a comprehensive research object;


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Ecological Modeling
Signal Processing
Geospatial Data Mining