Verifying the Virtual Organization correctness

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If a VO is properly installed and configured, all the following conditions must be verified:

  1. in the IS Monitoring:
    • a new entry in the top-left menu with the VO Scope name is available
    • by selecting the entry and then the gHN Resource Type, all the gHNs joined to the VO are in the Certified status
    • by selecting the entry and then the Running Instance Resource Type, all the instances belonging the VO are in the Ready status
  2. in the Portal, after logging in as authorized user (i.e. a user with the VO-admin role for the VO):
    • by selecting the entry and then pressing the Enter button, it is possible to log on in the VO
    • once inside the VO, all the administration (such as VO Management) tabs are visible
    • by clicking on any tabs, the related features are correctly displayed and can be exploited without any error/warning message