VO configuration

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The configuration of a new Virtual Organization requires the following steps:

  1. assign to at least one authorized user the right of VO-Admin;
  2. configure a Monitoring instance by providing the Service Map for the VO scope;
  3. configure the gHN running on the Portal to join the new VO Scope;
  4. create and register in the IS a ScenarioCollectionInfo resource for the VO;
  5. populate the Software Repository instance belonging the VO Scope. One of the following must be performed:
    • if a dedicated instance has been deployed (step .4.5 of VO installation procedure has been performed), the instance must be populated with the Software Archives by using the SR test suite
    • if there is no dedicated instance in the VO, the instance of the above Scope (i.e. the Infrastructure Scope) must be reconfigure to join the new VO Scope and then repopulated with the Software Archives