Install and Configure THREDDS Data Server

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THREDDS is a web server that provides metadata and data access for geospatial datasets.Purpose of this page is to explain how to configure a GeoNetwork service instance in order to fulfill the needs of gCube environment. Please refer to third party's website for further details.


Environment prerequisites :

  • JRE 7+
  • Tomcat 7+

Suggested environment : SmartGears installation.

Tomcat configuration

In D4Science infrastructure, the following configuration is recommended :

  • Setting the catalog directory :
    • Symbolic link
      • $TOMCAT_HOME/content -> /data/content
    • Set JRE property :
      • THREDDS_CONTENT_ROOT=/data/content
      • JAVA_OPTS="-Dtds.content.root.path=$THREDDS_CONTENT_ROOT $JAVA_OPTS"

Thredds Catalog configuration

Once Thredds is deployed and the containing tomcat instance is started, the webapp creates a basic configuration under $THREDDS_CONTENT_ROOT/thredds. The following files in such directory need to be replaced with the ones in shared workspace folder :

  • catalog.xml
  • threddsConfig.xml

Configuring as SmartGears Application

In order to enable SmartGears to correctly handle the web application, the following values must be declared in its gcube-app.xml file :

  • Name : Thredds
  • Group : SDI
  • Description : Unicar OGC compliant data catalog

The following SmartGears handlers should be excluded :

  • request-validation

The following parameter needs to be set in order to configure integration with Data Transfer service (see THREDDS_CONTENT_ROOT setting above) :

  • persistence location = THREDDS_CONTENT_ROOT/thredds

Legacy applications compatibility

In order to enable legacy application to publish data into THREDDS catalogs, the same machine should host a gCore installation with legacy service This service needs write privileges on thredds catalog directory and its subdirectories, which legacy applications expect to be under "/data/content".