Install and Configure GeoServer

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SmartGears Installation

In order to enable SmartGears to correctly handle the web application, the following values must be declared in its gcube-app.xml file :

  • Name : GeoServer
  • Group : SDI
  • Description : OGC compliant map viewer by geosolutions

The following SmartGears handlers should be excluded :

  • request-validation

In order to support data-transfer capabilities, the following setting should also be added :

  • persistence location : /srv/geoserver_data

GeoServer Connector installation

GeoServer Connector is a jar library that should be included among the jars of a Geoserver instance deployed on SmartGear. The jar includes a Tomcat Filter and a SmartGear Request Handler.

The detailed steps to install and configure the library on an existing Geoserver instance are listed below:

1. Download latest version of the jar from Nexus repository

2. Move the jar file to lib folder (geoserver/WEB-INF/lib) of the Geoserver Service deployed on SmartGear

3. Configure GeoServerFilter filter class in the web.xml of GeoServer Service just before filterChainProxy filter as follow:


4. Reference the filter mapping to all the URLs of the Service:


5. Edit gcube-handlers.xml (under WEB-INF) adding authentication-filter Request Handler under request element:

           <profile-management />
           <request-validation />
           <request-accounting /> 
           <authentication-filter /> 

6. restart the service