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gCube is a software system specifically conceived to enable the creation and operation of an innovative typology of infrastructure - an Hybrid Data Infrastructure - that by leveraging Grid, Cloud, Digital Library and Service-orientation principles and approaches is delivering a number of data management facilities as-a-Service. One of its distinguishing feature is the orientation to serve the needs of diverse Communities of Practice by providing each of them with a dedicated, flexible, ready-to-use, web-based working environment, named Virtual Research Environment.

gCube offers a feature full platform for distributed hosting, management and retrieval of data and information, and a framework for extending state-of-the-art processing, indexing, selection, fusion, extraction, description, annotation, transformation, and presentation of "data".

The gCube Developer's Guide describes how to develop software components capable of interfacing with gCube to either be part of it or to reuse some of its facilities.

Intended Readership

The document targets two classes of programmers:

  • Those who want to reuse the code – Programmers who will use gCube’s libraries to build their own services and middleware components, without need to access the source code.
  • Those who want to modify/extend the source code – Programmers who will use the platforms source code to enhance it, correct it, adapt it to different environments and applications domains.

It assumes fluency and familiarity either with with the gCore Framework or with gCube SmartGears.

Related Documents

Apart from this Developers Guide, gCube provides two additional support documents:

  • the User's Guide, which provides usage information and guidelines for the end-user.
  • the Administrator's Guide, which provides information and guidelines for the installation, configuration and daily administration of a gCube based computational grid infrastructure.

Problem Reporting

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