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Aquamaps Service Installation

The Installation of the Aquamaps Service on top of a gCube container (gHN), cannot be performed by exploiting the dynamic deployment mechanism offered by the gCube framework.

Therefore a manual installation process need to be performed in order to install the service and its dependenceny and to correctly configure access to Aquamaps DB.

Aquamaps Service packages and dependencies installation

gCube software

The packages listed below can be found at

We kindly recommend to download the software packages contained in the last Build of the last released version of gCube distribution.

The following package has been released as part of gCube :

  • org.gcube.application.aquamaps.aquamapsservice-servicearchive

The tar archive contains the following packages to install:

  • Aquamaps Service gar

The Aquamaps Service package, to be installed inside a gHN container using the following command:

gcore-deploy-service org.gcube.application.aquamaps.gar
  • Aquamaps stubs

The Aquamaps Service stubs library ( org.gcube.application.aquamaps.stubs.jar ) to be copied inside the gHN library folder ( $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib )

In addition the following gCube libraries are needed( to be installed into the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib folder )

  • The Aquamaps Publisher Service stubs library
  • The Messaging Consumer library
  • The Aquamaps Data Model library
  • The GIS Data Model library
  • The GeoServer Interface library

Third Party Libraries

The following libraries need to be manually installed under $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib:

  • Geo Tools framework v 2.6

available from Geo Tools official website[1], in particular the following library are needed:

    • geoapi-2.3-M1.jar
    • geoapi-pending-2.3-M1.jar
    • geodb-0.3.jar
    • gt-api-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-arcgrid-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-arcsde-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-arcsde-common-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-brewer-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-charts-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-coverage-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-cql-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-data-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-db2-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-directory-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-epsg-extension-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-epsg-hsql-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-epsg-postgresql-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-epsg-wkt-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-feature-pregeneralized-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-geotiff-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-graph-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-gtopo30-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-image-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-imageio-ext-gdal-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-imagemosaic-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-imagemosaic-jdbc-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-imagepyramid-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-db2-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-h2-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-mysql-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-oracle-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-postgis-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-spatialite-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jdbc-sqlserver-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-jp2k-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-legacy-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-main-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-metadata-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-postgis-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-property-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-referencing-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-referencing3D-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-render-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-sample-data-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-shapefile-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-svg-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-swing-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-validation-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-wfs-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-wms-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xml-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-core-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-filter-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-gml2-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-gml3-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-kml-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-ows-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-sld-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-wfs-2.6.4.jar
    • gt-xsd-wps-2.6.4.jar
  • Jetty v. 7.0.0 [2]
  • MySQL JDBC v 5.1.5 [3]
  • commons-dbcp[4]
  • commons-pool[5]
  • hsqldb[6]
  • ostermillerutils[7]
  • Xstream[8]
  • Lucene
  • commons-codec 1.3
  • postgresql-8.4-701
  • csv-4j
  • commons-http-client 3.0.1
  • dom4j
  • hibernate
  • hsql
  • java-persistence
  • jts
  • sl4j

CMAR C-Square Mapper Software and dependencies Installation

The CMAR C-Square Mapper software ( is a perl utility which plots dataset exents on a range of base maps, according to a string of c-squares.

The original version running as web application has been modified in order to run on a gCube Hosting Node as well as on a gLite Working node. This way the software can be exploited by the gCube Aquamaps Service Suite to plot Aquamaps Species Distribution and Biodiversity Maps.

The customized version of the software can be download from []

The installation of the customized version of the C-Square Mapper on the gHN hosting the Aquamaps Service should be carried as follows:

  • Untar the tar archive c-squaresOnGrid.tar.gz
  • Move the c-squaresOnGrid folder under the $GLOBUS_LOCATION folder

Dependencies Installation

SL4 node

The C-Square Mapper software depends on third party libraries to be installed on the gHN host:

The Xplanet tar archive should be installed under the /usr/local/share folder of the gHN host

Ubuntu 64
  • perl GD Library
    • apt-get install libgd2-xpm-dev
    • sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install GD'
  • xplanet software
    • apt-get install xplanet
    • N.B. workaround -> cp /usr/share/xplanet/images/earth.jpg /usr/share/xplanet/images/earth.gif

  • perl GD Library
    • zypper install gd-devel
    • zypper install libjpeg-devel
    • zypper install giflib-devel
    • perl -MCPAN -e 'install GD'
  • xplanet software
    • Download source [10]
    • /configure --with-gif --with-jpeg
    • make && make install

Mysql Installation and Aquamaps DB Import

AquaMaps Service is designed to work with a MySQL DB server 4.1.22, which documentation is available at MySQL official website[11].

Aquamaps Service Configuration

In order to configure the Aquamaps Service, the following configuration file need to be customized:

  • $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org.gcube.application.aquamaps/ the credentials to contact the local mysql db need to be provided by specifying the dbusername and dbpassword values
  • $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org.gcube.application.aquamaps/ this file contains the configuration parameters needed to customize the integration with the GeoServer Service.
  • $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org.gcube.application.aquamaps/ performance configuration parameters regarding the size of the submitting queue

Aquamaps Publisher Installation

The Installation of the Aquamaps Publisher Service on top of a gCube container (gHN), can be performed by exploiting the dynamic deployment mechianism offered by the gCube framework.

For a manual installation the following steps need to be followed:

  • Download the latest stable version of the Aquamaps Publisher [12]
  • Untar the archive
  • Deploy the Aquamaps Publisher gar file into the gHN container by typing:
gcore-deploy-service org.gcube.application.aquamaps.aquamapspublisher.gar
  • Copy the aquamaps-publisher-stubs library (org.gcube.application.aquamaps.aquamapspublisher.stubs.jar) into the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib folder

In addition the following library need to be manually installed under $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib

  • Jetty v. 7.0.0 [13]

Aquamaps batch Job Execution on the Grid

gLite WN configuration

The current version of the Batch Job Execution running on the gLite Grid needs the following packages to be installed:

  • perl-XML-Writer
  • perl-DBI
  • perl-DBD-MySQL ( which depends on mysql client)
  • perl-GD

All needed packages can be installed by running yum install perl-XML-Writer perl-DBI perl-DBD-MySQL perl-GD

In addition the following software:

should be installed under the /usr/local/share folder of the WN

As last steps, all WNs contacting the AquaMaps DB should be granted to access remotely the mysql instance running at