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Welcome to the gCube's Administrators Guide. The purpose of this document is to provide instructions regarding the initial installation and configuration, management and daily administration of an infrastructure based on the gCube system.

Intended Readership

This manual targets system administrators and people responsible for setting up a gCube-based infrastructure. It assumes fluency in Linux-based usage and administration, and familiarity with the gCore Framework. Since some components take advantage of the gLite middleware, experience in setting up gLite-based grid infrastructures would be useful. Finally, as with all grid platform, also in gCube security plays a paramount role in the architecture. Both system administrators and end users should be familiar with concepts like, digital certificates, certification authorities, authorization & authentication, etc.

Being a mosaic of different services and tools, the installation of a new gCube infrastructure and the initialization of a Virtual Research environment can be a daunting process. This guide covers the basic steps of the core components installation like the gHN and the set of enabling services, provides an overview picture of the gCube architecture with emphasis to its security characteristics.

Related Documents

Apart from the Administrators Guide, D4Science has also made available two additional support documents:

  • the User's Guide, which provides usage information and guidelines for the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) end-users.
  • the Developer's Guide, which target application programmers that want to reuse and extend the rich Service Oriented, grid API, provided by gCube.

Additional material that will help system administrators is the documentation for

Regarding the architecture and inner details of gCube, the interested reader can visit the official gCube platform web site [3].

Problem Reporting

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