Accounting Portlet: How to install and configure

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In this guide we describe how to install and configure Accounting Manager portlet(AM).


AM can be installed in different scopes and, depending on the desired information, various kinds of tabs can be enabled at installation time. The tabs contain information about the Storage, Service, Job and Space. If no resource is present in the scope, the portlet shows the Service, Job and Storage tabs. To show the information that you want, simply add a generic resource with the choices made.

The order of the choices represents the order of the tabs.

Generally, except in special cases, the configuration has to respect this conditions:

  • Scope ROOT enables Storage and Space
  • Scope VO enables Service
  • Scope VRE enables Service

Generic Resource

This is an example of configuration in which Services and Job are enable:

<Resource version="0.4.x">
      <Description>Accounting Manager portlet for this scope</Description>


Possible values are: