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The URI Resolver is an HTTP URI resolver implemented as an HTTP servlet which gives the possibility to resolve and access trough HTTP different protocols URIs.

The first version of the component is able to give HTTP resolution to SM protocol URIs [1].

Once deployed in a servlet container as Tomcat, the servlet can be used to resolve SMP URI as follows:

URL url = new URL("http://localhost:8080/uri-resolver/smp?smp-uri=smp://Wikipedia_logo_silver.png?5ezvFfBOLqaqBlwCEtAvz4ch5BUu1ag3yftpCvV+gayz9bAtSsnO1/sX6pemTKbDe0qbchLexXeWgGcJlskYE8td9QSDXSZj5VSl9kdN9SN0/LRYaWUZuP4Q1J7lEiwkU4GKPsiD6PDRVcT4QAqTEy5hSIbr6o4Y");