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=== URLs to access it ===
=== URLs to access it ===
The URLs to access to GisViewerApp separated for environment are the followings:
The URLs to access to Gis Viewer App (separated for environment) are the followings:

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The Gis Viewer App is a web application to interact with Gis Viewer Widget


The artifact is available on Nexus with the following coordinates:


URLs to access it

The URLs to access to Gis Viewer App (separated for environment) are the followings:

  • DEV


The Gis Viewer App by Gis Viewer Widget allows to you to access and discover GIS Data. By Gis Viewer App you can initialize the Gis Viewer Widget using the following parameters in the HTTP GET query string:

  • wmsrequest: URL_ENCODED["HTTP/S WMS REQUEST"]. To show in the Gis Viewer the layer reachable by WMS request;
  • zoom: an integer in the range [1-24]. To set the zoom level of map (at init time). The `zoom` must be less than or equal to `maxzoomlevel`;
  • centermap: as LONG,LAT coordinates. To set the center of map (at init time);
  • maxzoomlevel: as integer in the range [1-24]. To set the max zoom level navigable in the map. The default is 14.

Example 1:

The request is:


Example 2:

    • zoom=8
    • centermap=12.45,42.98
    • maxzoomlevel=18

The request is: