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gCube is a Software System whose development is ongoing. Consequently, the material documenting it is continuously updated to reflect the evolution of the software. This page provide access to the documentation that is currently available. In particular, because of the different kind of actors that are expected to interact with this system, three different guides have been developed:

  • Administrator's Guide - specifically designed for providing system administrators with instructions for installing and configuring a gCube-based infrastructure. These instructions include the how-to install the gCube components and well as their external dependencies, known issues, incompatibilities, etc. Moreover, this guide provides the reader with guidelines and instructions for the daily administration and upgrading of a gCube-infrastructure and the existing VREs.
  • User's Guide - specifically designed for providing end user with information on how-to exploit the facilities of a Virtual Research Environment (VRE), i.e. a dynamically defined application running in a gCube-based infrastructure. In particular, it focuses on the VRE portal, i.e. the user interface giving access to the VRE capabilities for content management and collection search/browsing. The guide is conceptually comprised of two parts: (i) a part that describes common functionality offered by any portal, and (ii) an application specific part describing the portals implemented for serving specific communities.
  • Developer's Guide - specifically designed for providing software designers and developers with technical information about the system architecture, the design principle governing the development of the system as a whole as well as those guiding the development of the single constituents, either services and software libraries. This kind of information is suited for:
    • Those who want to implement new services be relying on the gCube available services and facilities - e.g. programmers willing to interact with a gCube library/service to build their own tools;
    • Those who want to modify/extend existing services by intervening in the source code - e.g. programmers willing to fix a bug, developers willing to adapt a service to a specific application domain.

In addition to that, a number of scientific papers and videos have been produced.

gCube Core Framework Documentation

gCore is the foundational Java framework for supporting the development of high-quality gCube services and service clients. In particular, support for software designers and developers is provided through:

  • gCore Framework Primer that gives a gentle introduction to the task of developing gCube services with the gCore Framework;
  • gCore Developer Guide that presents in detail the design principles and main features of the gCore Framework;
  • gCore API that documents the packages and classes forming the framework.