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A component supporting the entire life-cycle of code lists management including creation (via ingestion if they exists), curation and publishing. Code lists are also known as controlled vocabularies or coded value enumerations. They are particularly important at (a) data dissemination and exchange layer among different organisations and (b) at data reporting and production, as to ease the mutual understanding between the originator and the consumer. They represents a key concept in the statistical data management.

This document outlines the design rationale, key features, and high-level architecture, as well as the options deployment.


The goal of this component is to simplify the management of code lists. In particular, it is mainly conceived to support the entire life-cycle of code list from their creation to their exploitation.

The component allows to create a code list by acquiring the data forming it via a file storing them in a csv (comma separated values) format or via the SDMX protocol (a reference standard for Statistical data).



The goal of this component is to offer code list management facilities by abstracting on various aspects including the storage model and the data distribution across diverse storage units.

Moreover, another distinguishing aspect is the automatic recording and injection of additional information characterising the code list evolution for provenance and versioning purposes.


This library must be co-deployed with the hosting service.

Small deployment

Small Deployment

Use Cases

Well suited Use Cases

This library is particularly suited for the use in the services that need codelists.