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gCube Documentation Wiki

This Wiki provides a central point for collaboration and integration of documentation material concerning the gCube software platform developed in the context of the DILIGENT project. The material is organized in three sections and is also distributed in PDF format:

  • Developer's Guide, which comprises 8 different volumes:
    • gCube Components Reference
      • Vol.1 Collective Layer (pdf)
      • Vol.2 Digital Library Creation and Management (pdf)
      • Vol.3 Content and Metadata Management (pdf)
      • Vol.4 Index and Search Management (pdf)
      • Vol.5 Process Management (pdf)
    • Vol.6 Developing a gCube Component (pdf)
    • Vol.7 Portlet Development (pdf)
    • Vol.8 Security (pdf)

The PDF versions of the documents are generated periodically from the Wiki pages using HTMLDOC.

Date of last generation: 05 Nov 2007