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This procedure aims to create and publish a changelog list of all changes, fixes and new features in each gCube release. The list is compiled using a bottom-up approach: a) each developer compiles a list of changes in his/her component, the component’s change log, b) release managers merge all changelogs in the global changelog of the entire release.

Each component is request to include in its servicearchive a file called changelog.xml that describes all changes in the released version of the component following the schema given by File:Changelog.xsd

An example of changelog.xml file is:

<Changeset component="org.gcube.messaging.consumer.1-2-0" date="2010-07-16">
  <Change>Extended the Monitoring Generic Resource with the possibility to specify site managers for each site domain</Change>
  <Change>Notification are now filtered over domain</Change>
  <Change>Added daily notification summary</Change>
<Changeset component="org.gcube.messaging.consumer-library.1-1-2" date="2010-07-16">
  <Change>Added queries for NodeAccounting portlet</Change>

In order to correctly generate automatically the changelog, the value of component tag must match exactly the name of the ETICS Configuration.


Following steps are executed by Developers when releasing a component:

  1. create a changelog.xml file in its component's project (or update the existing one);
    1. Add a "Changeset" element on their changelog.xml file, by indicating as attribute "component" the Etics module name of the component they are releasing ( e.g and the release date;
    2. Add as many "Change" child elements as the change/fixes/enhancements they have applied

Once the release has been closed, the Release Manager performs the following steps:

  1. runs a dedicated script that scans all packages extracting all changelog.xml files, merging all of them in a uinque xml document;
  2. properly formats the changelog and copy it in this wiki in the Release Log section